What does it take to develop safe and skilled workers in the entertainment and live event production? Employers, employees, and freelancers from all aspects of production and labor are welcome to join us at #LPS2023 for a 4-part in-depth, hands-on training on how to develop a robust workforce. Presented by Siobhan Colleen, attendees will learn how to identify hidden hazards, create an impactful training experience, apply principles of coaching leadership, and implement positive safety culture.

Are you aware of the industry’s most hidden risks? Let’s identify the most commonly overlooked hazards in our industry. Why start here? Because we must first recognize “the what” to figure out how to strengthen our workforce.

Ever taken a boring class and wished it was more engaging? Let’s explore principles of adult learning and how to create training experiences that trainees will never forget.
What is a coaching-style leadership and how exactly does it empower future leaders? Join the session to find out!
Why is safety training culturally ridiculed and ignored? It’s time we transform how we perceive, talk about, and approach safety within our teams and industry at large.