Future Forward

LPS is committed to the future of our industry

Each year at LPS we welcome students from colleges and universities throughout the United States that are looking for careers in Live Production.

Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to take your career to the next level.


Kevin Lyman
Associate Professor USC
Founder of Vans Warped Tour

LPS has truly embraced the next generation of industry professionals, through their Future Forward program. I was truly impressed with the forward-thinking programming, at LPS, that addressed issues that the touring industry faces moving forward.

Hugo Burnham
Assistant Professor Experiential Learning Endicott College
Gang of Four

I have been teaching in Massachusetts since 2000, after my 20+ years as a musician, manager, and record/publishing company stooge. I started in Boston teaching young men and women about the entertainment industry and all who sail in her, graduating (pun intended) to running the long-term and highly successful Internship program in the School Of Visual & Performing Arts at Endicott College, where all students engage in and complete three active internships over their four years here, in ordser to graduate. We take it very seriously.

Things have really changed from “how do I get a job at a record company?” and “How can I work at a major recording studio?” to these students focusing on today’s more vibrant live entertainment (and management/agency-related) careers. It was eye-opening to see the group of students at LPS just this past January taking such an active interest in all the different types of work and engagement out there. They didn’t just sit and listen in panels, they were forward in engaging and networking with people, with the companies involved, and with their mentors. My old friend from 100 years ago, Kevin Lyman, who’s also made the transition to academia, brought a great group of his Los Angeles students, who were buzzing with energy and attitude. And there were more, some of them already working.

We’re all getting old – we need fresh faces, bodies, and minds coming in to all elements of this industry, and LPS is the epicenter of where they can start.

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